Quarter Past 9

In late 2021, I had the privilege of joining the Canon and Africa Women in Photography Storytelling Workshop. I got to spend two incredible weeks learning under Sarah Waiswa and Gulshan Khan. The workshop presented a whole new perspective to storytelling, pushing me out of my comfort zone for my first ever self-portraiture project.

Quarter Past Nine explores the transitional period of the mid-20s - the
feeling of being stuck in a constant loop, a strong desire to break
free, and the anxiety that comes with not knowing what happens next.

The story is inspired by a period in my life characterized by changes in school, work, hobbies, and relationships. The era feels like a never-ending ride, riddled with self-doubt and external pressure to deliver when feeling unmotivated and disinterested.

Choices made leading up to this time have often left me feeling detached from myself and anxious about the future forcing me to rethink my definition of success and what lies ahead.

I still allow myself to look within, contrasting my actions against the watchful eye of the inner voice, an observer looming over me in my daily routine.

The observer waits for the leap of faith that breaks the loop, frustrated by why it’s not happening, sometimes worried that it might never come, and eventually breaking free.

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